Dienstag, 27. Mai 2008

Austrian aircooled history

I saw this aircooled cars at the Oldtimermesse Tulln. Build by Custoca in the late sixties and early seventies. If you want more info (german) click here.

Custoca cars:

The Hurricane:

The Strato

Logo of the Hurricane:

Some history pics:

Some lady pics:

Dienstag, 20. Mai 2008

Oldtimermesse Tulln 2008

This weekend will be one of Austrias biggest Oldtimer events: The 'Oldtimermesse Tulln'. I will go there on saturday and hope to meet some aircooled heads. This year there will be a special show dedicaded to 60 Years of Porsche cars!!

Montag, 5. Mai 2008

Team Angora Racing (again!!)

After some busy weeks I found some sparetime to visit the Team Angora Racing forum again and found this fantastic pic of Jesper's old Type 34. Great shot, isn't it?

First 'Hot Summer Nites' Meeting

This friday is the first 'Hot Summer Nites' meeting held in Vösendorf south of Vienna. I will be there with my beetle again as I think it will be a 'Cold Winter Night'!!

Yesterdays Work (Sunday 04.May)

The trip to Eggenburg with Fredy's Razor was like a kick in my ass. So I decided to start with the rebuild of my engine immediatly.
Jumping into my winter beetle (after recharging the battery, due to less driving the last few weeks) and then heading down to Brunn, where our garage is, and fitting the first parts to the engine was great fun. Pics of the rebuild will follow. I just had to take a snapshot of my beetle and an Oval that was parke outside the garage:

Donnerstag, 1. Mai 2008