Samstag, 22. Dezember 2012

European Bug In 5...

... the teaser is ready (and my car is in it at 30sec):

And some friends are in too: Dancing at 2.22min

Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2012

Sonntag, 25. November 2012

The Zombie Karmann

The Zombie from Tom Wheatley on Vimeo.

Aircooled Drag Racing in Thailand

I didn't really expected that there is Drag Racing in Thailand.
But as you can see...

More info umder:

Mittwoch, 14. November 2012

Vespa 946

Next year I can sell some of these beauties:

Montag, 12. November 2012

In the mail today

A set of NOS Bosch yellow headlight lenses:


Samstag, 10. November 2012

The famous Bugselecta...

... is online again! Find it at

Mittwoch, 7. November 2012

A little bit...

...of photofun with my little car:

Donnerstag, 1. November 2012

The Video Volks...

... channel on youtube. Find all videos HERE!

Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2012

Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2012

My favorite Racecar at SCC 2012...

...was this swedish Rat-Looker that was nearly perfect inside. And fore sure it was perfect prepared for some very fast runs:


Montag, 15. Oktober 2012

Samstag, 13. Oktober 2012

I really like this video...

... of a very nice Oval:

Sonntag, 30. September 2012

In the beginning of December... one very cool show:
The Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2012
Find all info HERE!

Donnerstag, 27. September 2012

Das Drag Day # 10

Some Racers:

Montag, 24. September 2012

Das Drag Day # 10

...the antenna toppers:

Freitag, 21. September 2012

Das Drag Day # 10

We are on the way.

Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

Das Drag Day # 10

On Friday the DKT team will start again the trip to Bitburg.
Alex has written a small report of the DKT history at Das Drag day.
Read it Here!

Montag, 17. September 2012

Hot Summer Nite #5

Last friday I were at the last Hot Summer Nite of 2012. I really enjoyed the meeting an the new car of the The Brothers Wurmbrand.

Both pics stolen at Andi's blog:

Samstag, 15. September 2012

Air Monkeys Magazine Issue #6

Be sure to take a close look at issue #6 of the Air Monkeys magazine: Click here

Mittwoch, 12. September 2012

SCC 2012 (The rainy Day)

Unfortunately the saturday at this years SCC Event was rainy, so there was no racing possible. 

Sonntag, 9. September 2012

Bus Camp Out

I'm back from the first styrian 'Bus Camp Out' at Heiligenkreuz:

(Sorry that the Buses in my pictures are very small)

Dienstag, 4. September 2012

This ain't California

On sunday we were at the movies and have seen a documentary about Scateboarding in the German Demokratic Republic called This ain’t California.


Samstag, 1. September 2012

Scandinavian Cal-Look Classic 2012

Here are some of my pics from SCC 2012: