Sonntag, 10. Juni 2007

European Type 3 Meeting

This weekend we made the last testdrive for the EBI and visited the European Type 3 Meeting in Salzburg. The Ghia made the 700km without any problems, although the carbs has to be checked again, as there is no drivable power under 3000rpm (so I had to rev it a little bit more).
Here is my short report:

The first cars are waiting at the meeting point:

There were two 34 Karmann, one notch and three squarebacks ready to go:

Heading down the highway:

Ofcourse we made some breaks:

Oh, I mean some breakdowns! The square of Gregor, member of, didn't want to go after a short break, but suddenly decided to start again.

Some german Type3 drivers prefer to go hundreds or even thousands of kilometers towing a caravan with stock horsepower. Respect!

Lotus white with red inside. (Is this my first poem on this blog?)

Three blue fastbacks in the woods:

Everybody talked about my car. Will this be the same at Chimay?

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