Samstag, 19. Januar 2008

Late Christmas 2

Today I received my A1 Side Winder exhaust system. Now I just need my engine back to fit all parts together again.

Nice work by A1

Magnaflow Silencer(?)

Ceramic coated for a smooth look

This is the way it should fit


Gustav_t hat gesagt…

How much did you pay for the entire plumbing work?
It is for your type 34, right? I´m looking for something similar for mine before spring.

LuftsickTero hat gesagt…

Where did you buy the exhaust? I am also looking for one, but since Serrano is out of business don't know any contact.

BR, Tero

Martin hat gesagt…

I have send you some PM over the angora (Gustav) and cal look lounge (Tero) forum.
Stay tuned.