Sonntag, 16. Januar 2011

My Razor is for sale!!

Paintjob Tangerine Pearl Coat with golden Metalflake
Bumpers rechromed
Gasburner Replikas or original 4.5‘‘ und 6‘‘ Fuchs Wheels
New seals for about 1200.-EUR

Original seats and door panels covered with real Leather tan (2500.-EUR)
New Squareweave Carpets tan (500.-EUR)
Aditional Instruments: 5‘ Tach with Shiftlight, Oilpressure, Oiltemp., Cylinder-Headtemp.
Wooden Steeringwheel
Empi Replika Shifter


13500.- as a Roller (Engine sold!) on Fuchs
11500.-EUR as a Roller less Fuchs
All prices to negotiate. Make your offers to:

On Gasburner Repros:

Real leather interior:

Wooden Steering wheel and a lot of gauges:

Bumpers rechromed:

Original early Fuchs 4,5'' and 6'':

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