Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

My aircooled rides

Here you can see my aircooled rides in chronological order:
This is my early Squareback that I bought after I crashed my motorcycle badly in 2000.
I still own this one:
This late Squareback was just a short episode for one winter. It was fun to drive with its 17'' summer tires:
Then I decided that I need a Type 34 and bought this one from the UK.
You can read the story here:
As the white Type 34 was crap I bought this orange one from a DKT club member:
 Then changed it to this look with an 2L engine:
 After I sold the Ghia again I was looking for an Old School Cal Look car and found this diamond green Oval bug:
 But then I found my dream car! This is my 62 Ragtop Looker. The best car I ever owned!!

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