Freitag, 9. März 2007

My first Type 34 (Part 2)

After we arrived in London we found a little hotel beneath the north circular road. It looked like the Karmann belongs to this house since the late sixties.

Then we headed out to have a really good time in London:

(This is art and not a request to take illegal drugs!!)

At Camdentown market we thought about taking a second car home.

Then we found a 'new' motorcycle dress for 'HRC Franz'

We decided to drink just some beer to be fit for the next day. We wanted to take the ferry from Dover to Calais the next afternoon.
But take a look at those guys:

(Fortunately I was the photographer at that time, but I didn't looked better)

The next morning we missed the breakfast due to the need for sleep. So when we woke up we were allready in a hurry to catch the ferry. To hurry with a big hangover is not really a pleasure as you know.
But it became still worse. In front of the hotel was a big police control. Every car was stopped to be checked for technical details.
Remember my car was nothing but illegal with my austrian plates. We waited until every policeman was busy and left the scene luckily. After a few miles in the city traffic next trouble started: smoke was coming out of all four fenders, because the brakes stuck. We stoped at a gas station to check out the situation again. After half an hour the brakes were cold and free.

We didn't know exactly why this has happened, but that was no longer interesting because the next problem appeared. Due to the brake problems the clutch started to slip when I tried to accelerate. Riding the car smooth and slow threw the sundaymorning was the solution! Finally we arrived in Dover and entered the ferry, but not without being controlled by the customs. After the guy asked me if this is my car I honestly answered YES and he replied 'It is a very nice car, have a good way home'

So we left England on our way home.
Stay tuned for the last part of the story.

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Gustav_t hat gesagt…

Exciting stuff - Cheating the authorities twice in one day! How far did you drive to get the car home?