Samstag, 3. März 2007


Today something a little bit different.
I just have bought what is-in my opinion-the perfect Type34 watch. It is the Spaceman Audacieuse watch. Most people say it was inspired by Stanley Kubricks Odyssey 2001, but i think it was build after the model of a Type34 windscreen.
I will defenitly wear it on my way to europeanbugin at the end of june. See you there.

The SPACE WATCH from 1972 was designed by Andre Le Marquand Geneve, inspired by an Astronaut's Helmet. The first design was originally created in 1968 and introduced at the 1972 Basel Fair in Switzerland.
Designed as a hallmark to the epochal Moon Landing of the Space Age, this watch caused a sensation - nobody thought that these strange looking watches could ever be sold.
This watch was sold by Tressa Lux, Fortis, Jules Jurgensen, Octo, Zeno Watch, Harlem and others.
The straps were made by Dupont and Nemours out of Corfam. From the asymmetrical semi-conical domed crystal, modeled after an Astronaut's helmet and Videosphere style dial, the Spaceman evokes a Stanley Kubrick 2001 A Space Odyssey aesthetic that is likened to other famous modern age designs by artists from Mid-Century Modern to the Space Age era whilst maintaining an edge that has been lost in today's dismal watch market.


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