Sonntag, 11. März 2007

My first Type 34 (Part 3, the last one)

When we left the ferry at Calais in darkness it started to rain a bit. This made things quite dangerous without the wipers working and with only front- or backlights to choose. We drove our way towards Belgium behind a truck and decided to stay in a motel near the highway. We had to go more than 1000km back home. The weather forecast was bad. So I thought it would be safer to change our plan.
The next morning we drove from Belgium to Düsseldorf (my old hometown) and I parked the car by my parents-in-law.

This evening we had a real good time in the 'Altstadt' of Düsseldorf. The next morning we flew back to Vienna but not without visiting the 'Kölner Dom' (a world famous church where we were able to make our prayers)

I picked up the Karmann the next weekend.

This time I was travelling with a trailer and had no technical problems. Of course it was not as exiting as driving the Karmann.
After my arrival home we tried to solve all the technical problems. Due to lack of time and space at that time I finally decided to sell the Karmann again.
I sold it on ebay and it is now based in Ulm (Germany) and the new owner wants to build a perfect Type34 out of it. Good luck to him.
The decesion was easy because I found a Type34 in Vienna!! This one was already fitted with a 1776 engine and the owner wanted to trade it for a KTM. So as I work as a storemanager of Viennas biggest motorcycleshop a deal was done. I still own this one. It is still in progress as you have seen here. I will let you know the next steps soon. Have a good time and enjoy your live with aircooled VWs.

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